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Rosario to Vampire
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Rosario to Vampire
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Omamori Himari
Both are about a human that get surrounded by a harem of beautiful female monsters. Also the women are the ones that are fighting in both instead of the man.
report Recommended by komic
Rosario + Vampire is also Harem, not as ecchi as omamori, but it's fun and has a lot of monsters and whatnot...
report Recommended by WonderBoy
rosario vampire has the taste of monsters of all kinds while omamori himari are only are only the same monsters. but the general feel is the same except the main guy in rosario vampire acts normal.... for a human surrounded by monsters
report Recommended by checkdafool
Has harems that are largely made up of monsters and other non humans, but still cute!
report Recommended by Jmac
They are both ecchi and take place mostly in school, both main chars are female and in one they fight monsters and in the other vampires. They are both funny and both of the guys in both series end up with alot of girls around him.
report Recommended by DamiPL
well omamori himari is almost the same as rosario + vampire because you have a lucky bastard getting all the chicks and the chicks mostly are the ones fighting for him, oh yeah and is human and all the girls are monsters
report Recommended by ichigo831
Both Animes are about a weak and helpless human boy being protected by a bunch of girls, or should i say Monsters who fall in loves with the boy. Both anime has many things that are similar for example: Both Are Harems, Ecchi, and many more. another thing that is similar is that at the end of the anime, the human boy protected the the girl.
report Recommended by ItsACakeNyaa
Both series are categorized as ecchi and harem with the main story dealing with the protagonist beginning as a weak individual who gradually becomes more powerful in order to protect their friends. I also found both series to be peppered with bits of comedy to break up any serious overtones and greatly enjoyed the character development throughout the series.
report Recommended by TheBaronLord