Overlord, Quanzhi Gaoshou Recommendations

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Quanzhi Gaoshou
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Quanzhi Gaoshou
Both series involve OP protagonists using game world avatars to destroy thse who stand in their way. While King's Avatar plays this straight by using it with a fictional game and esport scene, Overlord instead opts to go in a more fantasy route with the main character actually diving into the game world, being stuck there.
report Recommended by YuriInLuck
The MCs are really overpowered but were left out. Quanzhi Gaoshou MC was thrown out of team and Overlord MC got stuck alone in world.
report Recommended by Felix
Both are gaming anime. Both have MCs that seem OP. Both are pretty good anime.
report Recommended by animecutylover
Both anime focus around a video game. In both anime, the main character is incredibly skilled, respected and experienced.
report Recommended by justinmcelhatt
They are both about virtual reality games, they both have op main characters..... Bottom line if you've seen overlord and you liked, chances are you'll love quan zhi gao shou and vice versa
report Recommended by namelessme
Both MCs are gamers in real life. The MC is controlling his avatar and we can watch the fights while he is playing. Overpowered game character.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince