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These two are very similar in the way that the mc wants to "save" or "help" a female character, in their childhood years. Koe no Katachi is more about regret and the mc is trying to make up for it, while Erased is just trying to prevent something from happening. There are no "fantasy" elements to Koe No Katachi however. Both are kind of about human bonds. KNK has a more emotional growth to it, while Erased it's just Satoru trying to fix his problem, but not necessarily becoming super close to the girl (they have moments but i wouldn't say theyre close.) Both are   read more
report Recommended by Asstastic
Well, those two shows doesn't look the same for the scenario but have some similar points. 1- Those two shows speak about child harassment. The main character will try to save or to redeem himself from the other main character, the girl. 2- The atmosphere is oftenly sad but got some funny moments. In those two shows, the main character got a good friend who'll be helpfull (Nagatsuka and Kenya). 3- Minor characters look pretty similar, for exemple: the mother is there without her husband and try to help her son.
report Recommended by _Yunnix_
Both shows center around the male and female leads early and later lives, with an ominous past relationship and touches on dark topics.
report Recommended by Bootyman
The main characters focus on helping another person and trying to make up for the past. Dark subjects that many people are afraid to talk about are explored but it's what made the stories as good as they are. How important the actions of just one person can be.
report Recommended by lovemyscars
Fixing past mistakes. A Silent Voice and Erased are both stories in which the MCs fix past mistakes with the aspiration of a better relationship between the MCs. A Silent Voice gives MC Shouya a hard life present time in consequence of his actions regarding bullying Shouko, despite this he aims to fix these mistakes along with Shouko in order to better their relationship. Erased is quite literal in this matter in that Satoru, who travel back to 1988, tries to prevent classmate Kayo's death by fixing mistakes he made at the time. A Silent Voice offers a high-quality animated dramatic, romantic story. With Erased being on   read more
report Recommended by NextUniverse
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