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Himouto! Umaru-chan
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Himouto! Umaru-chan
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Gabriel DropOut
It gives you the same feeling watching it, the soundtracks, the characters, the artwork.. they are so identical while having completely different story. But IMO Gabriel is way better than Himouto because Himouto doesn't have a plot, you will never feel as engaged as watching Gabriel, you watch it just for fun.
report Recommended by dan_729
The main heroines are litelarly the same, they both have two sides, ideal girl for public and videogame otaku for home. Plus there are tons of good humour, cuteness and cool subcharacters.
report Recommended by Ever2014
Both girls, Gabriel and Umaru, seem polite and perfect, but the truth is that they love to play games and do nerdy things. They looks very similar as well.
report Recommended by RJBScarletRain
- Girl MC who is lazy and addicted to videogames - MCs are a group of 4 girls - Both have lots of comedy on random situations of their everyday life.
report Recommended by fourd444
In both a model girl is in turn a lazy girl, who hides her true nature. Both show a group of multidiverse girls, very different personalities.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both Gabriel DropOut and Himouto involve girls that have an outside, perfect(?) persona, but in reality they act very differently at home. Also, the drawing style is similar, but not the same (the same studio produced them). These two anime follow the hilarious events that ensue.
report Recommended by AoiPlatinum
Identical! But Gabriel Dropout have twice the troll IMO lmao. In term of artwork, it is identical as well, character design, environment all aspects reminds me of Umaru. And so to say, if you like the troll, comedy of Himouto Umaru chan...you will be very happy to watch Gabriel Dropout as well. Btw, reminds me that the main character is a same NEET Blondie girl.
report Recommended by samuel_sfx
If you like light comedy about a lazy person who wants to do nothing but have fun, play games, watch anime and whatever else a typical Japanese geek does and if you, just like me, didn't get enough of Umaru's shenanigans, waiting for the next season, worry not, Gabriel and her friends can make your day better in a blink of an eye.
report Recommended by Waffle_Empress
Socializing in reality could be much pain in the BUNSS Instead just staying at home doing some weird stuff when you're alone Both 100% more than Otaku
report Recommended by HikiNEET021
Umaru, but more goddesses
report Recommended by KecHik445
both are filled with jokes and the same sort of anime
report Recommended by that1weeb
Say hello to Umaru-chan's lesser little angel looalike, Gab-chan!! Seriously, these two are similar in so many ways. Lazy, game addicted, natural genius, a shut in and they even look alike! Gabriel dropout may not be as popular and interesting as Himouto but the actual story itself is quite enjoyable. You get to watch as the 4 characters live their daily lives, goofing around, pranking, and just trying to live out their lives as humans. The characters are likeable, the story is funny, and the music is lovable. If you like Himouto style comedy, gabriel dropout shouldn't be far behind in your preference. Give it a   read more
report Recommended by JayJ017