Hellsing, Devil May Cry Recommendations

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In both series, the protagonist is a powerful person of demonic origin, dressed in red, who is nearly invincible, has superhuman abilities and two big handguns of different colors. He is employed by humans to fights other demons in exceptionally gory and stylish way on a daily basis. The animation style is also somewhat similar.
report Recommended by moozooh
Both anime have wicked red-clothed protagonists who are some kind of demon fighting against their own kind for the sake of humans. Both anime involve a lot of bloodshed, tons of firepower and insane moves.
report Recommended by VK11
Its all about demons.. about super duper hero who kills in no time.. :D ;)
report Recommended by lolester
Both have incredibly lazy but superpowerful main characters. Both battle demons/vampires constantly. Both don't have a very well developed main plot, view more for entertainment than story.
report Recommended by Phill-z
Both main characters are fighting against demons or vampires. And both main characters are very silent, but strong and demon/vampire thereselve.
report Recommended by virix-kun
Alucard and Dante are very similar to each other. First at all they have big guns and great powers; they're also bored and want to find an equal opponent and perfect competition. If you like characters who get involved in crazy fights with monsters, these are a good choice.
report Recommended by Iahel
About blood demons things Devil May Cry have more action in it but they as some same quality try it!
report Recommended by katedadevil
Both main characters aren't fully humans. Both Alucard and Dante work for people as vampires/demons exterminators and love to shoot. They spread fear and destruction by hand of their two pistols. Plot isn't too developed, both anime are rather bloody exchange of fire.
report Recommended by Kokkishin
Se trata tambien de Vampiros! Para todos aquellos que disfrutar ver el poder que pueden tener los vampiros en los animes este Hellsing se los recomiendo!
report Recommended by Arystar
Really Similar Stories, Short, Bloody and Violent, Cool Main Characters, Adult Language The only major difference is Devil May Cry adds a little emotional touch after every Episode and Hellsing doesn't
report Recommended by GokuXXY
Both anime are dark, both deal with the supernatural, in Hellsing theres vampires and in DMC theres demons.
report Recommended by Soulshade
In both anime protagonist are male demon, propably unvaliable to kill and it fights for mankind against it's own kind.
report Recommended by risalje
If you liked the bloody moments in hellsing you will like the bloody moments in Devil May Cry.These to animes have guns, blood and good outfits.
report Recommended by folipol
both of the main characters(Dante and Alucard)have some special abilities.They cannot be killed easily,like humans.they protect one girl.They are hunters,that kill vampires,ghosts etc.
report Recommended by ErrorError
They are both fighting monsters, the main characters are similar. They fight the monsters of their same kind and there is alot of blood and good action. Both use guns. They are both short too but they are both great.
report Recommended by DamiPL
In both the main character fights his own kind. There's alot of blood shed and supernatural things in both.
report Recommended by Deer50
Dark action, monsters, super immortal protagonist
report Recommended by arcsin
In both animes the main characters are wearing a red coat, both are very cool and are almost invincible... and they have guns
report Recommended by shaichan
Who doesn't love supernatural horror? Especially when you add a distinctly badass anti-hero with a dark side.
report Recommended by mukufu
If you are a fan of mindless fighting, thilling action and amazing graphics this is it for you. Adrenaline rush down to your bones.
report Recommended by Free4ngel
Both series involve a main character with a mysterious past and they both have a tendency to use firearms to protect themselves and others. These series aren't for the weak-stomached however and you should be aware of this before watching either shows.
report Recommended by TheManiacalGamer
The protagonists of both stories are demon/vampire hunters . They are both badass looking :3
report Recommended by Animegatekeeper
Both DmC and Hellsing have a red coat wearing badass, who uses two guns as weapons, as the main character. Both Dante(DmC) and Alucard(Hellsing) are employed by humans and embark on assignments to kill their own kind demons and vampire respectively. Both also have good soundtracks, but Hellsing has a much better soundtrack when directly compared. Both of them are also poor adaptations of their original source material.
report Recommended by LPGeneratorx
Overpowerful and basically immortal main character, with supernatural fights
report Recommended by Ackron
Both of the heroes are dark forces spawn serving the mankind
report Recommended by susan00