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Trinity Blood
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Trinity Blood
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Both relate to a quest to defeat blood-sucking beings (Vampires) in order to make of the world a better place for everyone.
report Recommended by Arwym
kind like not hellsing but with different type off vampires and equally great story
report Recommended by Tachi-Kun
Action, blood, a fight for a better and safer world, and of course, vampires galore!
report Recommended by TheLlama
Well because this also has loads of fights like Blood+ and its bloody too!! The reason for the fights is same in these animes!!
report Recommended by Cute-Queen
Both shows deal with vampires. Both shows have main characters who have siblings in the opposing faction. Both of them vow to defeat their siblings so that there would be no more harm. Both of them doubt about themselves until they eventually accept who they are.
report Recommended by xxxholic_wing
There's a lot of action, blood sucking creatures, and some romance on the side. Something everyone loves!
report Recommended by bri_bri101
If ur a fan of bloody animes and vampire like beings than WATCH both Trinity Blood & Blood+.
report Recommended by Sins_of_an_Angel
Killing bloodsucking creatures and keeping them from causing other harm. That's what both anime are about. This comes with the necessary amount of violence and bloodshed of course. The characters and the context of the anime differ tho. Also, Trinity Blood is more serious while Blood+ has more drama. Nevertheless, if you like vampires, action and bloodshed. Go watch this show!
report Recommended by Ryuuketsu
The main character in both stories is vampire,they fight their own kin to safe human race from doom.they belief that human and vampire can live together in harmony but some vampire think human is just only food to consume.
report Recommended by TX-1000
They Both are vampire type show , and I think they Are Very great show to watch
report Recommended by Maruku1012
Action, supernatural, vampires. Bloody scenes, main characters fighting against evil vampires.
report Recommended by Frezlaj
Both theses stories have in depth back stories there is violence, gore, even some tear jerker episodes. Both these for vampire anime's where a nice change from romance and cheesy back stories. Blood + was my first anime and before I knew all the sites out there I paid for most of the episodes. Trinity Blood has an amazing story and one that was easy to watch straight through.
report Recommended by Blkroses30