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Bleach and Fairy Tail are both action packed but with a bit of humor slipped in. With pretty much unstoppable heroes the action is constant and both stories could seemingly go on forever. Both heroes travel and fight with groups and have a close feeling of comradery for the group members.
report Recommended by deebdev
well its a shounen action type anime with awesome, very funny and unique characters it has a good storyline and awesome art and animation .If you liked Bleach your guaranteed to like Fairy tail
report Recommended by Eyzi
Fairy Tale and Bleach are shounen super-power action animes adapted from their perspective mangas with each Main Male Character getting into which include a lot of battles with many characters as they try to become stronger to protect their friends and generally they act like each other in personality, such as they hate seeing the weak get bullied and are dumb when it comes to girls and feelings of love towards them. Each MMC has a rival that hated them at first but eventually they became a strong team and good friends that also wanted to become stronger. This means that the comedy and reactions   read more
report Recommended by KatieMH
They're both great long term anime, with a series comedic aspect about them. Throughout the series both the main characters become stronger, and gain friends and new enemies along the way. The friends they gain help fight the fights that one person can't do alone. Well either way, both of them are great anime, so I'd suggest to watch them both.
report Recommended by Wanaziba
Bleach is a bit older than Fairy Tail, but if you enjoyed the feel-good of Fairy Tail then I'm sure you will enjoy Bleach too!
report Recommended by waterpups10
Fairy Tail reminds me a lot of Bleach. You feel the same attachment to the characters, both have a lot of interesting battles, and the lead characters are always determined to save his friends. It also makes you feel like you've known the characters for a long time.
report Recommended by CarlaBdw
Bleach and fairy tail are almost the same shonen jump anime they have adventure supernatural creatures and humans with supernatural power that fight for their friends sake the only difference between bleach and fairy tail is that bleach has shinigami ( death gods ) and the plot is the rescue of Rukia and orihime ( at arrancar ) and at fairy tail there are wizards and the plot isn't so specific because the enter a lot of adventures
report Recommended by Krushito226
Both are shounen anime that focus on brash and somewhat reckless main characters who often engage in fights against stronger enemies. Both are action-packed, with some humor slipped in, and with many similar plot elements. They both have a large casts of quirky characters, each having different powers. Also, both anime have a similar atmosphere.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Progressively getting more powerful through out the anime, also protects his friends a lot.
report Recommended by UltraViolet
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