Gungrave, Hellsing Recommendations

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The animetion style of these 2 animes look really alike, And in both we have a hero with a really big Gun ;)
report Recommended by szklany
Dark and from "Nightow-sama". Both about "unhuman" lifeforms too
report Recommended by MahadoKusanagi
both bloody anime... both good story with a main char using a gun :)
report Recommended by ken127
Both are about guns and fighting bad ass monsters. Gungrave got better and deep story whereas hellsing is way more kickass than gungrave in action...
report Recommended by puvijain
Cause the protagonist are a badass
report Recommended by Iordanh
Another solid gungslinger anime that no one should do without.
report Recommended by JudeccaCocytus
Two words COMPLETE BADASSERY, Gungrave and Hellsing are anime made for real men. Do you like a badass protagonist who rips to shreds anything that stands in their way? Who wipes out an entire field of monsters like it was nothing? If you answered yes, then why are you still reading this recommendation? You should be going to watch these series immediately. Gungrave differs with a greater story and attention to its characters and their relationships. While Hellsing is just pure insanity, non-stop action, blood and gore all the way. So, are you a real man?
report Recommended by Akoram