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Owari no Seraph
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Owari no Seraph
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Kimetsu no Yaiba
Very Similar first episodes Both main characters are fighting to turn someone 'back into a human.' Shounen Humans fighting demons/vampires
report Recommended by Kittytash5006
Just like Kimetsu no Yaiba, the world-building of Owari no Seraph involves demons, though vampires are the biggest threat in the latter series. The main characters of the anime have a lot in common when it comes to personality. Besides, the main character of Owari no Seraph has a friend who goes through a terrible transformation, which is similar to what happened to Tanjiro and Nezuko in Kimetsu no Yaiba. In short, if you enjoyed Kimetsu no Yaiba there's a good chance you'll enjoy Owari no Seraph too, and the other way around.
report Recommended by vislife
I think both of these shows follow similar shounen troupes where the main character's life is drastically altered by the actions of a rival race, and he takes up a sword. The protagonist's closest companion was turned into a member of the rival race against their wishes, but they still share a close bond. Similar themes about family and that the enemy isn't necessarily always a bad person/irredeemably awful.
report Recommended by Senpai-no-lie
Both involve the main character’s family getting killed and the journey to turn the survivor back to human
report Recommended by NightReaper58
Both are shows about a young boy who has his family killed by monsters but one sibling survives and that sibling becomes one of those monsters. The MC then joins an organization comprised mostly of teens that specialize in killing those monsters and they have to use special swords to kill those monsters.
report Recommended by MidgitGiant
The protagonists, the supernatural theme and the comedy tone. These three aspects make Owari no Seraph be a option if you searching for: protagonist with strong ideais, the supernatural vibe as demons / vampires, and comedy moments as a break during the plot
report Recommended by Darumyro
Both shounen take place in imperial Japan one way or another, where the supernatural-weapon-wielding forces of humanity seem destined to lose against their demonic opponents. Themes of love and family are presented primarily through the main character duos of either series, but don't disregard the respective well-animated, dope action.
report Recommended by Papa_Gen
MCs losing a companion and there companion changed into a vampire/demon MCs having there family killed. Wanting them to be normal again. Similar Themes.
report Recommended by dokuseiz
Similar settings with main and his family being devoured by the major antagonistic forces within both series, with demons in Kimetsu no Yaiba and Vampires in Owari no Seraph. With the protagonist in both of them on a vow to eradicate those opposing forces, there's a lot of bloodshed and violence on offer. Some real gory fights, with amazing animation. After all both of them are from the most well-known studios in industry. So if considering watching a fully action packed series with an old setting, go for Kimetsu no Yaiba, or if with a mix of high school and military, then Owari no Seraph is   read more
report Recommended by Softhenic03
One again, we're introduced to a young boy who loses his family to one of the strongest demons/vampires and joins a corporation that seeks to destroy the murderers of his family, meeting allies along the way. However, his sibling has been transformed into a demon/vampire and he wants to find a cure. These demons/vampires appear similar to humans, but they have different characteristics and seek to feast on humans.
report Recommended by Sir_Zedmore
Idk how to explain it but I'm watching Seraph of the End right now and I'm seeing a lot of similarities in them I think if you like demon slayer you'd like Seraph of the End, and in some ways it feels like a better demon slayer to me right now
report Recommended by TKPigeon
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