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If you enjoy watching slice of life anime about hardworking women in the entertainment industry, Shirobako is also for you. It's got less shoujo ai comedic antics but the same charm is still there. Shirobako is also a bit grittier and more honest about the hardships of how an anime gets made. The women work so hard and they love getting together and sharing their dreams.
report Recommended by juneboba
Both center around new -ish employers at companies, explaining anime/game production a bit. Shirobako focuses more on the production while New Game! is more fun and games.
report Recommended by aifukola
Both are about production companies, with comedy + slice of life the differ is, Shirobako about anime production, New Game about game production
report Recommended by shinaminene
Slice of life comedies about working for a production company (game industry in New Game, and anime industry in Shirobako). Shirobako is more realistic, whereas in New Game, the focus is more on the comedy and 'moe', I find. Fans of either show will find plenty to enjoy here. Oh, and both shows have cute girls, which makes everything better, naturally.
report Recommended by Avidreader123
Both are slice-of-life comedies about people who work at a production company. In Shirobako, this is an anime production company, while in New Game!, they focus on game development. Both start when the MC is new to the job and explore the interactions between the people in the company as she gets used to her position. Shirobako more seriously focuses on anime development, while New Game! takes a more laid-back approach, devoting much of the screen time to cute moments between the girls. If you are looking for a more easy-going version of Shirobako with increased levels of cuteness, New Game! may be right for   read more
report Recommended by ccorn
If you felt that you wanted to know more about the life of working in the development of entertainment yet felt like New Game was oddly calm about it, I recommend Shirobako. Similar in that it has a female main character, and works in the entertainment industry (specifically anime), yet different in that it is much more fast paced, focuses almost all of its time to the development of anime (with little breaks as actual emotional breaks for the viewer as well), and amply summarizes the feeling of the industry as a whole, stress. Be warned, if New Game gave you a nice   read more
report Recommended by Turtle50UP
Both revolve around the production of a media product. New Game focuses on game development and is more light-hearted while Shirobako focuses on anime production and is much more stress inducing.
report Recommended by trigger_segfault
These are both animes about the industries of the game industry (New Game!) and anime making industry (Shirobako) Both are enjoyable but New Game is more comedic
report Recommended by WFCgbow
Both are about production, Shirobako having a larging cast while New Game! has a much smaller, cuter cast. The former being anime production while the latter is about video game production. New Game!, however, is more laid back and leans towards to the slice of life genre while Shirobako is more on point with its narrative.
report Recommended by dat_kun4i_guy
>Both have a Professional Environment >Both about creating a "creative property" >Honestly, Shirobako is much better than New Game as far as story and character development goes >Shirobako has more drama, New Game! has more Moe.
report Recommended by LightInfernal
Both of them equally show the process to making an anime, main character is same woman, Shirobako is better than New Game if you ask me, even them both is 80% similar but Shirobako hold a better storyline and longer.
report Recommended by CaptainBiscuit
Cute girls working together to make anime/video game, new game is more focus on the cute girls side and shirobako on the working in the industry aspect
report Recommended by Pumpkinyaaan
These series follow the daily lives of a group of office workers, with New Game focusing on a game studio and Shirobako looking at the anime industry. New Game's approach is more cutesy and fun in comparison to Shirobako's more professional and realistic depiction, but both provide a window into their respective fields.
report Recommended by MarisaTheCube
Like New Game, but this time it's about making anime. Characters are college-aged and older and both seasons are in a company setting. You really get a feel for what goes into making an anime. There are many characters, but there are only 5 that you really need to focus on remembering as they're the main group of friends that the show is about. There's some humor, but this isn't a comedy, so don't expect a ton of it. It's overall pretty entertaining and interesting, and there are lots of relatable moments. More serious in tone than New Game!
report Recommended by sentryole
Workplace comedies, set in an anime studio in Shirobako, and in a game making company in New Game!. Each shows a lot about the development process of their industries, with hard working protagonists and a fun supporting cast.
report Recommended by Kiwii_121