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Dimension W
Small cast of main characters, good action, older hero. And I think its the same band for the opening song.
Despite this being futuristic, I think some of the aerial martial arts has some of the same feel.
Gangsta would not be the only anime I could use to be similar, but just for the opening song it fits well enough.
report Recommended by THSWESSEL
It's like Gangsta but with ROBOTS.
Both shows have very strong starts while featuring MC's who have badass fighting styles.
Both have settings with a lot of crime.
Both have solid OP's and ED's.
report Recommended by So-Intense
Almost all main/supporting characters so far can be matched 1 to 1. (Mira is Alex x Worwik)
Also the OPs are similar.
report Recommended by Fizzhaz
song and atmosphere
report Recommended by 777Leinad777