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Fairy Tail
- 2 boys, 2 girls and 1 "animal" - a different world - so many episodes - the soundtrack is very good - Kagome and Lucy looks like someone from the past (Kikyo and Lucy's mother)
report Recommended by lynray
Let me start with the main thing that caught my eye: The team looked the same. There are 2 girls, and 2 boys with one 'animal' that is still considered a partner. They both have magical abilities and within each of the episodes you see their power. Both anime characters are all very loyal to each other. They are in another world.
report Recommended by Satsuyo
Both are action-based romances, with mainly two boys and two girls and a little animal thing, but with other recurring characters, too. If you liked the action over the romance in InuYasha, Fairy Tail has more action, but still a little romance to keep you on your toes. Similarly, If you wanted more romance in Fairy Tail, Inuyasha is good to try. The one thing that sets Fairy Tail apart from other animes, though, is that Natsu, the main boy character, is strangely happy-go-luck, unlike many others- so if you wanted that change of pace after watching InuYasha act like a baby, there you go.   read more
report Recommended by youichilover333
inuyasha and fairy tail are both full of action and comedy plus both anime are about characters developing friendship, trust and about becoming stronger
report Recommended by mattyanime
Honestly they are so similar and different at the same time. Kagome resembles Lucy some personality and general progression, Inuyasha resembles Natsu by their relationship with partner, strength, and their ignorance/stupidity, Miroku resembles Gray in strength and perverted habits, Sango and Erza and similar in strength but Erza has a different relationship with Gray. Their plots are quite different but they hold so many similarities. Inuyasha's always protecting Kagome like Natsu and Lucy. Kagome and Lucy get kidnapped, a lot.... They are both action, comedy, romance, but Inuyasha has supernatural/demons where Fairy tail is magic.
report Recommended by Niana65101
Both anime the main character girl they will fight and not just give up or sit in the side lines and main character boy they will fight to protect and put passion into it
report Recommended by Mixerbear13