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Both are shows created by Rumiko Takahashi who are about a boy who is half human half demon/shinigami who teams up with a girl with supernatural powers/sight to exterminate/exorcise demons/ghosts and eventually have to face an antagonist who has a relationship with the main boy.
report Recommended by krynger20
Both the art and characters have similar characteristics and style along with the theme of the supernatural and everyday life. They're both fairly lighthearted with a slow paced love connection between main characters. However, Inuyasha being much longer has more time to develop the plot and characters. They're both guaranteed to make you laugh at times.
report Recommended by yandere2897
Both animes are made by the greatest of them all Rumiko Takahashi, they are very similar in the way there are supernatural tematics. Plus the design of the caracters, not to mention their personalities, are very similar. And is probably one caracter has its own double in the other anime. So if you love Inuyasha, you are really gonna enojoy Kyoukai no Rinne.
report Recommended by Athena839
Just watch it. Even better than Rin-ne.
report Recommended by _-_Kagome_-_
Well they are both created by the same artist and has similar character design and even there personalities have similarities. Inuyasha might be more serious and more direct to the story line compared to kyoukai no rinne in my opinion, but both have lovable characters and funny ones.
report Recommended by rikgzyro36
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