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Neither the story nor the characters of Noragami have anything in similar to that of Inuyasha. However, there is a similar "feel" to both of them. -The main heroins of both anime accidentally come into contact with another world. -Both male lead have a past unknown to the human girl, and a woman from their past. -The supporting characters are friends who can be counted upon. -Spirits or demons hunting are daily occurrences. Inu Yasha is a lengthy anime with a well thought plot and many incidences, where as Noragami is only 12 episode long adaptation of the manga series.
report Recommended by miss_tonic
It provides comedy and fantasy, but also becomes serious at times. There is some romance in both of these animes but it is not the main focus. More of a side. If Noragami gets a second season, however (hopefully), it's likely that more romance will be added it. Both very enjoyable animes and funny.
report Recommended by hawkeyislife
Two separate worlds where one girl is able to travel to both and experience supernatural phenomenon. Element of love is present in both animes (more so in InuYasha). Relationship wise between main characters is similar in both animes being strong, supportive and passionate. There are also many characters to meet in both series that create a fun, comedic atmosphere.
report Recommended by ReiyumeChibi
Both share a lot of genres and themes such as action, fantasy, comedy and romance. The characters are also very similar. -Yato is a sword-wielding outcast with a dark past whose one desire is to be acknowledged and accepted, just like Inuyasha. -Hiyori is a 15-year-old school girl who finds herself in a world she never knew existed and discovers a new power to help her survive, just like Kagome. -Yukine is a sarcastic young boy who has a younger-brother relationship with the heroine, frequently bickers with the male lead and can turn into a living weapon, just like Shippo. There's a few others, but that would be giving   read more
report Recommended by Joe_Devaney
Both female MC get involved in a world of spirits and other suernatural beings. Also, both male MC try to hide their past from the female lead. Highly recommendable for those who like stories about action, adventure, spirit hunting and in the case of Inuyasha, romance.
report Recommended by wakamessama
Shonen/Love/Drama/Funny Beautiful Characters
report Recommended by _Sabel
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