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School Days
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School Days
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White Album
romance/drama/harem adapted from visual novels. male protagonist decisions make me feel ntd'd both have satisfying endings (in there own ways) enjoyed both tbh...
report Recommended by xDaboi
Shows that have a seemingly average school boy that just attracts beautiful girls of all kinds like a magnet and for reasons that only the writers of these stories would know. Within these harems, there is a love triangle going on between the male lead, male lead's girlfriend (female lead 1), and female lead 2.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both series have similar story and characters. & both have drama, harem and love triangle with crazy male protagonist who ruins everything :) Yup~
report Recommended by abeautifulbomb
they both have two messed up dudes with a small harem going along here and there just fucking girls and everything gos crazy but they both I enjoyed very much -wink wink- except for the crazy parts........ they were f'n awesome......... if you think im crazy well I like to take that as a comment bleh :P
report Recommended by Ataraxia-9
Both are psychological series with similar protagonist and a lot of girls around him. I preferred White Album, because its more interesting and mature than School Days, but overall they are very alike in my opinion. Enjoy!
report Recommended by WanderingRonin
Both shows feature "Drama" as well as focusing on what happens when a person decides to not just pick one person in a harem. Both feature a main character who seemingly has no problem with sleeping around with multiple girls and it adapts a well known visual novel.
report Recommended by RychesShadows