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Kekkai Sensen
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Kekkai Sensen
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In both a portal from another world opens up on earth and two races intertwine. In both vampires are mysterious and strong.
report Recommended by vipiero
In both a portal from another world opens up on earth. Both stories take place in eccentric settings populated by all kinds of crazy creatures and the main characters have to deal with troublesome events.
report Recommended by alpha_shadow
Both shows have almost the same setting, but there's a major difference in the way the story is presented. Cop Craft is more focused on the whole crime aspect that can happen in setting like this, but Kekkai has alot of more focus on it's subtle and emotional storytelling elements, and the character synnergies and their banters.
report Recommended by Tyrraell
Cop Craft is a perfect blend of Kekkai Sensen's insanity and a praiseworthy effort of copying Blade Runner's futuristic theme. Set in a futuristic theme world both shows perfectly shows the craziness of a world which is overrun by a different type of species and follows a western influenced environment and follows the adventure of an organization which maintains the balance of 2 worlds from the shadows.
report Recommended by Gintoki_007
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