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Kekkai Sensen
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Kekkai Sensen
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Urban fantasy at its finest with catchy music and fast-paced plot to tie everything together into a thrilling package.
report Recommended by Preposterous
Both Kekkai Sensen and Dorohedoro take part in dystopian worlds, so theirs themes are quite similar. The humour and vibe is very similar so if you liked one, you're sure to like the other! Although, Dorohedoro is much gorier and bloodier. Be warned, Dorohedoro has more elements throughout the anime that might not sit well with you if you get queasy easily! They are portrayed in a "non-serious" manner though but if you think you can't stomach things like "rotting corpses" and "guts and flesh" then it's probably not for you. The characters are all very likeable! Both have strong female characters (though the ones in   read more
report Recommended by LocalAirhead
Both anime have a really similar style of storytelling, combining elements of action, horror, and comedy. Beyond that, they're both set in similarly bizarre dystopian worlds and focus on a wide cast of zany characters.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
It takes place in an urban lifestyle with monster-like characters.
report Recommended by kaiju1990
Both shows have the same vibe, with weird anthropomorphic characters that look like aliens. Both focus on action and magic. When you will watch any of them, you will surely be reminded of the other. Although they have the same atmosphere, the story and progress is very different. The gore and sanity in Dorohedoro, by the way, is more.
report Recommended by ShikiSajiTomoya
Similar quick paced and eccentric atmospheres, WTF moments, monsters abound, urban setting
report Recommended by GakutoDeathGlare
Humans vs supernatural beings in an urban dystopia. Wacky, jazzy vibes despite the dark themes in the plot. Good animation, nice art, very interesting characters.
report Recommended by ShanAsuna
Very similar world, excellent fighting and animation
report Recommended by Saburiminaru
Both anime takes place in an eccentric world with zany characters, they have similar humor with stories don't take them self's too seriously. Dorohedoro is more violent and darker that Kekkai Sensen however.
report Recommended by Great_King20
The world-building gives me similarities in the atmosphere, a world in which even the eccentric are normalised. Both shows give off the same positive vibes despite the characters faced in a world of dystopian madness. Definitely recommend checking the other if you liked one of these two!
report Recommended by honeytaro
Both shows are fancy, histerical, noisy and over the top from every possible standpoint, and both managed to made it look like part of the normal life in their own worlds, both shows have a huge variety of zany characters that made some really funny or crude moments to be invested
report Recommended by Lscala
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