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Zankyou no Terror
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B: The Beginning
Detective gets called back to the police force due to a string of crimes with philosophical undertones.
report Recommended by Havoctheend
Goods animes and anti hero protagonist, a brillant detectiive who deviates from the norm, dark athmosphere
report Recommended by KadoTakezo
The character design is slightly similar, soundtrack, and the plot elements are too, without delving into spoilers. A good side which may be the bad side, conspiracies, and a bright detective with a past in the middle of everything. Without spoiling much, both detective's pasts are very similar, and they make very similar choices with who they co-erce with...
report Recommended by ButadonMeitantei
-The main character is the bad guy -The main detective in both series are both laid back and intelligent. -A heroine! -Terrorist (since they bomb and kill) organisation - Psychological animes that make you think
report Recommended by Tooro
extremely similar shows, in which conventions of good and bad are blurred.
report Recommended by -j--
both series are about extremely smart detectives tracking down a terrorist-like group. both have eerie feels. both protagonists (koku vs twelve and nine) are raised in a place that was designed to make them into the person they've become, and both places burned down in a fire (athena plan/the settlement vs jaula blanca). both also use symbolism of numbers (nine, twelve, five vs thirteen, four) and use folklore to guide the plot, as well as symbolism in characters' names that makes up their personality.
report Recommended by phxntomhiveghoul
These shows are so similar that it borders on plagiarism. Both have teen protagonist(s) who commit crimes for an unknown purpose and have a mysterious backstory tied to a shadowy organization. Both have a secondary protagonist who is a brilliant detective who had, prior to the events of the story, been working in "archives" for a number of years due to crossing a line when investigating a previous case. Beyond the physical similarities, though, if you like the mystery and psychological thriller aspects in one of these shows, you'll enjoy the other. Both have an interesting story with lots of unexpected twists and turns, and   read more
report Recommended by bengelman
Both a detective thriller, Shibazaki and Keith Flick share similar shabby-genius vibes, and also great anti-heroes.
report Recommended by karmameister
Both shows let you experience a blurred convention of good and bad, with a genral dark atmosphere, a brillant detectiive who deviates from the norm, accompanied by a great soundtrack
report Recommended by CaptainDazai
both series contain extremely smart detectives tracking down a terrorist-like group, both have teen protagonists who commit crimes for an unknown purpose and have a mysterious backstory tied to a shadowy organization.
report Recommended by bartekzcc
-Detectives come back to investigate a special criminal organization. - The whole plot is quite similar with the protagonists being a detective and anti-heroes - The detectives pretty much got the same personalities as you watch more and more of one of these shows, the more it reminds you of the other one. - B the beginning has two different stories that are interconnected but Zankyou no terror focuses on one story pretty straightforwardly comparatively
report Recommended by Motherofrodents
Both are suspense series about children who were government experiments committing various crimes.
report Recommended by Waro9
-Unusual plot twist -Many characters with an dark past in common -Great animation -One veteran genius detective -characters with mental disorders -Similar mood and art style -Similar character design -The main character has a moral burden on his shoulders -the plot revolves around a great mystery -Terrorism -psychological battles
report Recommended by Gale74Gale
- Cool smart detective - School for unusual children - References to mythology
report Recommended by Donqadf
Both anime have similar detectives trying to find out the culprit and mysterious background around them.
report Recommended by GuardianR