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The main characters of both these anime and up in an organisation without wanting it in the first place. They get caught up in a fight they didn't want to fight, but have no choice left. If you like anime with a lot of action and good fight scenes, then these anime are just perfect for you!
report Recommended by Darkbow
The main character end up in an organization (both started off with a woman). Both continue to try to cope with the new kind of perspective in their place. Both include killing others.
report Recommended by MechaDevil
These two have a similar story. The MC both start as weak and alone but they eventually gain strength and they learn the importance of friendship. They also both go against the societies they live in. Tatsumi and Kaneki both fully experience the cruel reality of the world they live in. Akame ga Kill and Tokyo Ghoul were both based off their respective manga's. If you have seen one you should watch the other, if you haven't seen either you should watch both.
report Recommended by flylittlebirdie
If you guys are interested in anime with killing an a strong mysterous plot go for tokyo Ghoul. If you guys want an anime with lots of killing and a plot about characteres traveling the world with tons of fighting I'd go for Akame Ga Kill. Enjoy! RiasGremory_
report Recommended by JennieKim
Akame ga Kill focuses around assassins trying to take down the capital, while Tokyo Ghoul focuses on the CCG trying to take down the ghouls.
report Recommended by lemonclique
Both MC's enter into the cruel world where they see violence, blood, corruption. In a dark world full of misunderstandings mc's have to forget the moral codes in order to protect what they care about. Good soundtracks, lots of fighting, a few funny scenes.
report Recommended by Hutai
Both animes are similar in the actiony/brutal-actiony and thought involving aspect of the characters. tokyo ghoul is more monsters vs humans and the fight for survival and what is truly right and wrong. akame ga kill is more oriented to stop the government oppression, and are the means we use really necessary for a better future, and is seeking revenge the right thing to do. (more so the latter) they both involve a lot of thinking about what is truly the best decision, and both main characters end up following the darker path they become acquainted with. if you liked the action and the values   read more
report Recommended by animetakestime
While most people will disagree with me, I think both of these were pretty similar. Both shows how a group of people try to find peace (or the lack of it) in their own way. In both, we have people with "supernatural weapons"; also the characters in Akame Ga Kill and Tokyo Ghoul, personality wise, are pretty much simiral. They may be really different anime, but that doesn't mean that they cannot be similar; I recommend watching both already, if you haven't.
report Recommended by Errour
Tokyo Ghoul is anime in which you will find yourself surrounded with gore, horror and tragedy. Society doesn't approve of "Ghouls" who are not welcome. Kaneki Ken - young male suddenly finds in this world. It is similar like Akame Ga Kill MC finds out that capital is not so sweet like he thought.
report Recommended by Felix
both are violent, bloody and have loads of action with super-powered characters
report Recommended by Caliph
Both main characters were weak, normal people living a normal life until one day something surprising happens and changed their lives and they each have to fight a fight that they don't want to but in the end it makes them stronger
report Recommended by Arquarion
These two shows contain very dark and tragic themes and death and gore is involved. The action is really intense between the two sides. If you found one of them entertaining, you should be able to enjoy the other as well.
report Recommended by hyunjins
Very bloody and also heartbreaking. All these shows tear characters away from you. Each one has a light hint of romance plus lots of action and will keep you entranced for the whole series. WARNING: VERY GORY.
report Recommended by KiraShmosh