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Tennis no Oujisama
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Tennis no Oujisama
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Shokugeki no Souma
I know its a weird recommendation really. BUT- they are both similar in their protagonist going through an elite environment to progress in their fields (obviously different fields). Super motivating competitiveness.
report Recommended by thedeviousfiles
The Story is almost the same, A boy godly at Tennis/Cooking joins a school with equal or better people at his activity. His reason for joining is also to top his father who always beats him.
report Recommended by PoisonedTea
As I was watching Food Wars, I started to make many parallels with Prince of Tennis, since both were shounen and had a similar premise. Here are some similarities I noticed: - Both explore in-depth into a particular field/skill/culture, Food Wars being about food and PoT being about the sport of tennis. - Both MCs are self-confident, somewhat cocky/arrogant teenage males who have the skills to back it up. - Both have backgrounds/previous exposure in their art, with Yukihira Soma growing up helping in his family's diner, and Echizen Ryoma being a youth tennis prodigy with several national championships under his belt before moving back to Japan. - Both   read more
report Recommended by DeeeFoo
While the two anime are completely different in the aspect that Shokugeki is based on food and Prince of Tennis is on tennis, I have found that one major similarity is that can be broken down into the following: - both the main characters are male - they are both 'geniuses' in their respective avtivities - they both are experienced in their respective activities as they had been brought up in that background - they both have a father who overshadows them and are their unbeatable rival With those points in mind, if you're looking for an anime with a badass main character who is a sort of a genius,   read more
report Recommended by pompompom_
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