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One Piece
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
So basically just watch the god damm anime trust me if you like good writing mc and sides,power diversity, good villians fullmetal is for you, maybe if you like scary and creppy background fullmetal got it too because there is a lot of insane people in that show , the villians are so great that you going to love them and hate other ones.
report Recommended by Pxdroxxxx
Both One Piece and FMA: Brotherhood are series that have great story plots involving many characters. The characters themselves are well developed as each episode progresses. Additionally, there are themes of adventures, friendship, honor, and pride that are explored many times throughout both series. The main male protagonist from both series has a cheery attitude but is always willing to help others in need by putting themselves in danger to protect in what they believe in. There is also a fictional dangerous group in both series who serves as primary antagonists. Among those antagonists are characters who have diverse personalities. These two series are considered shounens   read more
report Recommended by Chad_Kid
I don't know how someone hasn't stated it. As someone who has watched one piece it is clear to me that the creator of fullmetal alchemist has taken a huge inspiration from one piece. If you like how one piece sagas come together in the end and how different characters are used to progress the plot you are going to love fmab.
report Recommended by vasekazi
One Piece is similar to Fullmetal Alchemist in not only success, but When it comes to being better than majority of anime and When you are looking for that perfect anime I highly recommend One Piece or Fullmetal Alchemist. Why? Both have amazing plots and The plots go deeper within the character design, Both have amazing story lines, and The graphics of both these anime are spectacular, no horried or flawed design within the many frames, and Overall the soundtracks to both of these anime are great!
report Recommended by Ridzaxster
both have incredile world building,have interesting side and main characters,has an amazing sidetrack and you will never get enough of both.
report Recommended by Razif_Handika99
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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