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Both are motivational shonen series. One Piece tends to have stronger antagonists and the conflicts tend to be more epic, while Boku no Hero Academia has far better animation and is much more focused.
report Recommended by VVayfarer
Both anime have characters with quirks or abilities from devil fruit. Both MC's want to become very strong Both anime have humor, lots of action, concentrated on friendship and scenes that touch people emotionally
report Recommended by Hutai
Similarities: -Male lead who wants to become great. -Many characters have special powers. (Quirks in Boku no Hero, Devil's Fruit Abilities in One Piece) -Not too childish but not too adult. -Beautiful art. -Very fun.
report Recommended by PowerCaller
Anime with characters who have supernatural abilities are among some of the best, and One Piece & My Hero Academia are both great about giving us characters with out of the box powers we would never expect! Each show is filled with intense battles of characters using these super natural abilities, in a world where they're told from the start is too big for them to make a difference. If you like one, you're sure to like the other!
report Recommended by iMustang
-both are great shounen nekketsu -Characters of both are very similar. -Devil fruit and Quirk looks very close to each other.
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Shounen anime, very shounen. Main character is likeable and has some dream he's working towards.
report Recommended by PQE26
In both animes characters have "super powers". In BNHA they have quirks and in OP they have the devil fruits.
report Recommended by -AlexL-
Journey to number one. My Hero Academia and One Piece both feature MCs who pursue their dreams to become the highest. MHA uses Midoriya who wishes to become the no. 1 hero, as his role model All Might is. One Piece has Luffy in his journey to find the One Piece and become king of pirates. Both are great and equal in action, comedy, with One Piece being the more dramatic anime.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both animes have a huge variety of powers Both have charismatics ppl and a variety of personality to choose wich you like the most Both have a good humor Both get serious when it needs to be.
report Recommended by OmegaJoestar
It has the Same concept heros vs villains and they both are in a world where you can get superpowers.
report Recommended by Shinita
A shounen anime about young kids training to be superheroes should already draw you in, but if you'd like a show that admires determination to be the best, My Hero Academia might just be for you. Young Izuku Midoriya seems to have been born with no quirk, super powers of his own and yet, he is determined to be the greatest hero out there!
report Recommended by NyeLink
They Both Have powers and abilities and pretty much everyone has them in both anime.
report Recommended by Redtitan73
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