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Both are great shonen series.of the best. Friendship,Loyalty,Courage are really important. Also they say that you have to fight for your dreams. And the Gurren Brigade has somehow the same feeling as Luffy's crew x]
report Recommended by melieon
These two are quite possibly the most ultimate examples of emotionally powerful, but insanely awesome, anime (with superb dubbing to boot).
report Recommended by MetalShadowX
It'd be a spoiler to say the main reason I think these two are alike - but that aside, both have similar values in friendship (nakama) and family. And both will absolutely blow your mind with story, and action sequences that'll have your blood pumping the whole way through! PROTIP: Watch it.
report Recommended by R3ep
Same amount of epicnes and action ,same humor style if i can said it and the girls have the same boovs somehow anyway they dont have the same story or the animation but can if you like one you surely love Gurren Lagann but if you like Gurren Lagann is not that you ll like one piece
report Recommended by Madvillain_21
both are kinda old school and when I say "old school" I mean the old episodes from One Piece, don't get my wrong new episodes are very good but I just love the old ones. OK so down to the point One piece has action goofy style and so does gurren lagann both have the serious moments and some not so serious,all in all I love both and recommend them for they hours of entertainment they gave me.
report Recommended by MageCoco
- "small" (especially in the comparison to the enourmous world) but strong main protagonist - theme of liberalism - optimism - visible and frequent fan-service - instant powers - similar "stupid" type of humor
report Recommended by mib23
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