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Toriko and One Piece share a massive world which is build up brilliantly. Both feature a great cast of shounen characters that develop strongly throughout the series in a series of adventures and missions.
report Recommended by Xadyu3000
both have a protagonist with godly appetite..both of them are strong from the beginning and live in a similar fantasy world with special creativity.also Toriko and Onepiece have a crossover as well.
report Recommended by amirhoss
Toriko captures the same spirit that makes One Piece so awesome. Overpowered battles with Ridiculous attacks, colourful style with nice animation, Over the top personalities. Just pure awesome from start to finish.
report Recommended by DragonFlame
They both eat a lot. The settings are pretty alike, but Toriko is a bit modern than One piece. They both have goals. Epic Fight Scenes
report Recommended by asian_rawr
Both are maked by the same editor. Both are about age.(One piece - Age of pirates | Toriko - Age of gastronomic) Both are with adventure. Both main characters are simple-minded. Both main characters are very strong. Both main charachters are strange.
report Recommended by Univel
If you liked one piece then you definitely like Toriko too only differences is that the Toriko is bishokuya which want to collect all food recipes but in One Piece the crew is looking treasure called One Piece. And Toriko has an own so called group like One Piece has a Pirate Crew. Both of these anime have an Adventure's and humor too.
report Recommended by Mixxu
Imo if you like One Piece you will most certainly like Toriko just the environment and the feel of the characters are very similar so most people probably won't be disappointed with Toriko
report Recommended by Mad_Maestro
-They both have some humor, but i Toriko have a lttle more though -Both Toriko and Luffy loves food. -Both are great shounen series with "fight for nakamas" plot, and goals characters have made their mind to accomplish. -One of the biggest differences is that Toriko is about food, and One Piece is about Pirates
report Recommended by Godfela
These two shows have pretty noticeable similarities. For one thing, Luffy and Toriko are practically the same. Both have excellent fighting skills, protect their nakama, unending appetites, ect. The other big similarity is that these shows both mainly focus on the adventures the characters take and the places they go. For that reason, both shows feature fun adventures with unique settings. They're both pretty enjoyable so give 'em a try.
report Recommended by Axel97
they have both an epic storyline and plot abd the authors like to foreshadow things, the fights and worldbuilding are both great
report Recommended by mangabook
Alot like One Piece as they are both about explorers/adventurers
report Recommended by terio
Both share worlds divided into two... toriko and luffys goals are almost the same, be it comedy or action they both have it. It's a fun experience.
report Recommended by dirtybee
It's all about adventure! It's not the goal that is important, it is to enjoy the view as you travel there.
report Recommended by GreenEmperor
Both are old shounen/adventure/comedy anime that have a very similar touch to it. :)
report Recommended by MrShellby
- The world in Toriko and One Piece are similar, in Toriko there is the Gourmet world and in One Piece there is the New world. - Both protagonists like to eat alot of food. - Same genres, both shows are action, comedy, fantasy and adventure. - They are both shounen anime. - Toei animated both anime. - Both anime have really good character designs.
report Recommended by Morgzo
Theyre literally in the same world and there's even a one piece X toroki crossover in the first episode
report Recommended by dxbbie_xo
if u like/love u'd seen the collaboration of this anime called toriko and one piece and if u watch it I'm sure u'd love every character in anime slightly resembles one piece's characters. It has about 147 eps and all of them are entertaining...
report Recommended by 5th_EmporerLuffy
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