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Hamatora The Animation
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Kekkai Sensen
Both anime follow the adventures of an organization of super-powered individuals taking various jobs, in a setting that's a mix between the urban and the supernatural. Both have large casts of eccentric characters, as well as similar action, humor and overall atmosphere.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Both revolve around a group of people with super natural powers. The themes in both of them are similar.
report Recommended by IcyGlass
The dub features a lot of the same voice actors as Blood Blockade. A lot of the characters can be compared directly to characters of the other show as well. The fantasy setting and more lighthearted feeling and impression that the show doesn't take itself too seriously also strongly reminds me of BBB.
report Recommended by scifiman027
They both mix a nice comedy with a serious plot. They have a group of people with superpowers who work together. both have pretty good dubs and (as of now) both have two seasons. I feel that hamatora is just a bit more serious. Comedy wise, kekkai sensen is definitely the better. Depending on your mood, if you want something more serious or light, they are both great shows.
report Recommended by crimsonrose2407
-Both series have people that have supernatural abilities -Characters are kind of similar -Similar vibe
report Recommended by Shefin
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