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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
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Both series have a high production quality and give a very energetic feel. Though the settings are different they both give the same level of lots of excitement. Both series also feature the same levels of casual fanservice and have noticeably busty female characters.
report Recommended by SuperTiencha
They both share that special touch that makes an anime badass, goofy, and epic all at once. GIIIIIIIGA DRIIIIIIILL BREEEAAAAAAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!
report Recommended by Shinryu1284
If Gurren Lagann were about mages and was released weekly, it would be called Fairy Tail. The overall feel for both of these shows are very similar. They both deal with the believe in me who believes in you thought process, there is a lot of screaming and fist fighting, for example, in one fight, Gray sets aside magic to settle the fight like a man would (kind of like Simon vs the Anti Spiral in the latest Gurren Lagann movie). As a side note, Simon the digger's seiyu, Kakihara Tetsuya, voices Natsu in Fairy Tail. So, I'll say it again, Fairy Tail is weekly   read more
report Recommended by Natsu_D_Luffy
Both animes an emphasis on friendship/camaraderie and that family is not always related, seeing as Simon always refers to Kamina as his 'aniki'. Also, Kamina is very similar to Natsu as they both represent(ed) feelings of hope for their own guilds/brigades. Just like how Natsu brought his team together, Kamina brought his brigade together. And they're both wonderful action animes :') Plus Simon's voice actor is the same voice as Natsu, and Kamina's voice actor is the same as Laxus' voice actor. These animes are practically the same thing, except the difference in what they use to fight :P
report Recommended by smithysonian
both main characters have the same voice actor, and both characters get pretty similar in the 2nd half of tengen, both of them also get massive power-ups from emotions/bonds ect, both are action/adventure with funny bits. i also get the same feeling of getting excited (not really sure how to describe it actually, that close enough) when the main guys get their power-boost things (you know what i mean if you've watched one of them) in the main fight scenes [fairy tail isnt mecha tho and is in the past instead of the future.]
report Recommended by andrewisgod
I know what you're thinking. This is way too much of a stretch. Do hear me out. Despite the stark contrast in the genres, I do believe fans of either show can appreciate what the other has to offer. They both have gut-bustlingly funny moments. Their use of nakama and deus-ex machinas (imo) leave behind fond memories and feelings of wanting more. Can't go wrong with these two :)
report Recommended by SaintZeph