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This new anime, Nabari no Ou is very similar to Naruto, even some animes don't go that far to have techniques that uses nature so this really have some similarities. The main character seems to have something hidden inside that that is very powerful...
report Recommended by y0l3itches
Both anime feature worring ninja clans, with main character having very powerfull and somewhat evil being sealed inside them.
report Recommended by hajil
They both use ninja themes in the series, there is also lot of action in both of them, and both main characters hold some big power inside of them.
report Recommended by Sonja
Very very similar - main characters have something powerful inside them. Story is about ninja and their world. Friendship of Naruto and Gaara is just like Miharu and Yoite
report Recommended by doorotka
Naruto was born as Jinchuuriki and the main protagonist of Nabari no Ou was born with the hijutsu which everyone wants ^^
report Recommended by Shishigami87
Both protagonists have a special ability that makes people chase them. Though most people would say they are completely different, both of the protagonists care deeply for the people around them and hate to see them hurt. Even to the point of giving themselves up to the people chasing them. Though Nabari no Ou is shorter than Naruto they both show that they get stronger to protect themselves and the ones around them. They are both quite similar if you think about it.
report Recommended by crimsonpheonix
The series - though different - share a common interest with one another and that is ninjas. Ninjas with a goal to protect the ones they care about, and all in goal to stop an enemy from taking over the world or reconstructing it to their liking. Both Nabari no Ou and Naruto hold some strong similarities in that, but also hold strong differences with each other. But a series that both should be tried.
report Recommended by lovelyphantom
Both series tell about a ninja world. Nabari no Ou tells about the current world and Naruto has its own ninja world. In both anime, there is a guy who has the power to change the world and other people are trying to use it. Both of them want to protect their friends and the world. They are both very good anime with action, drama, comedy, and more.
report Recommended by Atzaaa
They both share the concept "Ninja" as well as similar characters. **SPOILER** Ramei Shimizu from Nabari no Ou swears to kill her brother who massacred the whole clan, just like Sasuke from Naruto.
report Recommended by MaidenChina
Both are about ninja. Both have great, intense fighting scenes. Both main characters are being hunted down for what's inside of them.
report Recommended by Deer50
Nabari no Ou is extremely similar to Naruto, one of the on;y differences is that it's not unnecessarily drawn out. Nabari no Ou, and Naruto both have 1) A character that is emotionless on the outside, but the main character wants to save them 2) A fox spirit targeting the main character 3) A character who's older brother murdered the rest of their family 4) A doting sensei, who will do anything to protect his students 5) Ninja 6) Hidden shinobi villages 7) A scroll that the characters at one point or another, aspire to get And much more! I apologize, it's been about 4 years since I've seen Nabari no Ou, I just   read more
report Recommended by Nyaominyan
Both series are about ninjas, ninja clans, and a special main character with an unstoppable, unknown power which lies within. Although Naruto is, without a doubt, much more popular, maybe a change of pace like this more underappreciated ninja show could be for your tastes.
report Recommended by SquirrelsOfWrath
When I watched this anime, it immediately reminded me of Naruto. Mainly because of the MC having something sealed inside him & the characters being ninjas, although in Nabari no Ou ninjas live, dress and work like normal people. What made me recommend this is the similarity of the situation & past of the samurai siblings. It's reminded me of what happened to the Uchiha clan & brothers. In Nabari no Ou though, the circumstances are more forgiving & reconciliation was less complicated. There is also the element of solitude in both animes that allowed the two main characters to form a special bond.
report Recommended by khayediaz