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Although they are not essentially similar except for the fact that both anime has something to do with ninjas, I think that if you like Naruto you'll also like this anime. If you're a die-hard ninja fan Flame of Recca is also worth checking out.
report Recommended by MiraelWhite
Both main theme are set in the ninja world. Both involved great ninja fight between the good and the bad. Both had a good characters development to go with a good storyline. Definitely for those that are interested in ninja, fighting type anime.
report Recommended by v_p
Uzumaki Naruto and Hanabishi Recca are both ninjas. They share similar ideals, and strive to become stronger to protect those close to them. If you're a fan of Naruto, I highly recommend Flame of Recca.
report Recommended by MyNameSucks
flame of recca its faomous shounen, like naruto. this aniime has alot of action, like in naruto, so, I think, if you like naruto, you must watch it
report Recommended by Tampampam
i think so if you have seen naruto you will like rekka no honno both involves ninjas and the word hokage is mentioned.In naruto hokage is the head of the leaf village but in recca no honoo its is a tribe of ninjas. there is humour in both the series and in naruto kurama is strored inside him in rekka no honno there are the 8 dragons inside him.
report Recommended by orangedig
Imagine Naruto in Japan (Tokyo). This is it. I'd reckon the mangaka of Naruto kind of copied this anime, as they both include ninja's with the elemental powers, hokages, and both contain these monsters that can pass on from child to child that reside within them to become overwhelming powerful (tailed foxes and fire beasts (IDK what they are actually called)). - Disclaimer, One piece obviously copied the character ability of Minamio. Minamio is a character made of rubber that can stretch his limbs like Luffy, as well as nullifying punches
report Recommended by Kanokari