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Hokage Is the Boss. The main charactar start to be a lonely week drop-out, No-good, but as times flow they start to grow, and become stronger, Naruto Wants to become hokage, while Tsuna which is the main charactar in Reborn, is forced to become the Boss of the strongest mafia, Vongola. To become a Boss Is like becoming the Hokage, The Boss's responsibility is to protect his "family" and the hokages responsibility is to protect the village. Comedy is a big part in Naruto, and In Hitman Reborn too,
report Recommended by narutebayo
Tsuna is kinda like Naruto in the begining, a loser with no much talent, comedy is playing a big part and friendship too. Later does it became more serious and much more action and both Tsuna and Naruto becomes very strong.
report Recommended by Maddie-tan
virtual unskilled young male lead...through struggles and training become stronger....long drawn battles which displayed alot of amazing battle strategies.. comarade with friends...both leads are the clowns (butt of jokes)
report Recommended by sabgian
Katekyo hitman Reborn is very similar to Naruto in some ways. First is the main character. Tsuna and Naruto are both no-good at the start. Then some trainings are similar. Patience, determination and strenght are just a few. Try watching KHR to know more. Trust me, you'll love it! If not, comment me.
report Recommended by RenzAikawaX
I have never thought that I will find any similarities in these animes (except that they are both long shounens). Those who watched Naruto and Naruto Shippuden will definitely like/love Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (but I can't promise the same if the opposite)... Both Of The Characters: - Start to build their way up and develop their real personality and image from the very 0. Naruto is a recluse, who never had any close or far frinds, because everyone is afraid to mix with him, because of his cursed mark and the rumours about beast, living inside the boy. On the other hand he is a   read more
report Recommended by kickoffkid
Both of the protagonist are starting as weaklings but is proven that they are the most powerful in their world.
report Recommended by AllenWalkerNDC
Both anime feature a protagonist that is quite young Both have great battles Both explain battle strategies after used
report Recommended by Amarian
Their main characters (Naruto and Tsuna) start ridiculously weak and get really strong as time flows. They also have friends that help in the journey with their different powers. Both are mainstream shounen anime. Both give you a good time, but remember, friendship is always the most important thing! If you liked one, you will definitely like the other.
report Recommended by TonhaoNoXablau