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Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
Same type of "leveling-up" occurs for the characters. Kenichi and Naruto are definitely similar in that there's martial arts, and both main characters start off basically sucking. Kenichi is much shorter though, so you'll be able to enjoy a feature filled show without all the fillers.
report Recommended by Xinil
Both have a main-character who wants to become the strongest of all by defeating their enemies. Thanks to their friends they will come very far... And if you want to laugh, this a good one too!
report Recommended by wouterrr
Both anime about to becoming strong and fighting.
report Recommended by Chandre
Both fight for the justice and friendship, has the same anger type. They always be the strongest when someone close to them is in danger :)
report Recommended by sorcente
Imo Naruto and Kenichi are very alike. They both strife to get stronger while using martial arts. They both have top level, weird, funny masters. Also the humor in both shows are very alike. If you liked the comedy in Kenichi than Naruto should be the next thing to watch and vice versa.
report Recommended by designed
if you want an anime with characters that start off weak and level up with an honorable goal this is your similar anime to watch..... if you are looking for an anime that stars a main character who has a good reputation of reforming the bad guys with strong motivational speeches and emotional talk, kenichi and naruto are two peas in a pod when it comes to that...... both main characters are outcasts with a lot of compassion for others... kenichi's love life is kinda like naruto kenichi likes the main girl (miu) while a shy girl (izumi)   read more
report Recommended by Josiah-Joestar