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after picking up FMA, it's difficult in finding an anime with such a riveting storyline and appealing characters. Naruto was the series managed to satisfy a new anime craze for me. Admittingly enough the story is not as tight as FMA, there is somethign about the series which draws you in and it's worth picking up
report Recommended by buttybutt
with an interesting plot and surprising twists, it's a perfect anime for someone who likes a lengthy story... although it is not for the faint hearted with a few bloodied scenes. the story starts with a confusing scene that draws the viewer in, and it explains the characters lives at an understandable pace... definitely an anime that makes you care about the characters enough that you want to shout at them to get up if they get knocked down... very much the way Naruto makes you feel. (at least, it makes me feel that way!) it not just that though... this anime is laced with Japanese folklore   read more
report Recommended by luna-misakey
Both fairly known Animes, character focus, and a lot of action. If you're getting into anime from Naruto, I'd suggest Full Metal Alchemist. Not only for the action, for the love, comedy, and general mood of it.
report Recommended by CallADoctor
Both "Naruto" and "Fullmetal Alchemist" are series that easily are classified as mere fighting animes. In both cases I would disagree with the "mere"-part. Both of these animes have plenty of fights, but the also have the ability to go deeper in a way that will make them appreciated not only by adolescents, but by adults as well, and as such they both represent the cream of the crop of fighting anime.
report Recommended by JakklL
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