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Masamune-kun no Revenge
A boy divided between two girls. Lots of flashback to the childhoods of the characters and how these childhood memories shape their personalities and desires today. Similar story. Both lighthearted good comedies, at times giving more serious messages . Very likable characters. Lots of high school action.
report Recommended by atargider
Harem shows in a high school setting, which we have seen a thousand times before. (At least the girls are cute!) Similar story and characters, with plenty of comedy.
report Recommended by Thoootje
Both have a similar feel (being a harem). Check it out if you haven't already seen it!
report Recommended by Ishtx
Forced relationship where neither character loves each other at first, but start developing feeling as the show goes on. Both are also harem with 2 main girls
report Recommended by DarkForce_9
A protagonist, with a love of childhood. Now in the present he must pretend to be in love with a girl, only by appearance. Girls are joining in their indecision, must continue with the game that he himself set, despite the difficulties.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both animes are very good, I recommend both and especially Masamune-kun no Revenge, one for the time in this Winter season. Adenas that tanmbien both Mangas are good ^^! Tip: Read Masamune's manga, to avoid spoillers And that's it, my first recommendation! Thanks for reading.
report Recommended by OrekiDos
Well if you're looking for some school romance comedy both has that if you're looking for georgeus Tsundere girl Both have that Good Opening don't forget that Great art Check and of course some Potential Waifu Material as well last but not least the Story,both got an original story but what they have in common was the setting and theme
report Recommended by akocas
Tsundere girl: Aki --> Chitoge (fake love) Servent girl/bodyguard: Yoshino --> Tsugumi Love infatuated girl: Neko --> Marika -"watakushi" -change of dialect when mad -rich girl -frail body -transferred just cause of MC -love rival
report Recommended by lnorin
Clearly inspired by nisekoi, one finds there the flashbacks, the past tied, a play of theater and other common points that fond think of nisekoi
report Recommended by Dragonosse
If we look, in fact many similarities of these two anime. Among them: - At first they hate each other. Then pretended courtship and finally a real love -character girls had the same rough maid -There love triangle -romance conflict is almost the same -etc
report Recommended by Rizkiawan-kun
*Harem, Romance and Comedy genre *Male MCs are both funny to start with *Chitoge and Aki are both Tsunderes and rich *Marika and Neko are very similar (mannerisms, richness, personality) *Both animes feature a trap
report Recommended by Hiyorin
Although the protagonist (main male character, Masemune) differs, they have very similar characters in terms of the antagonists.
report Recommended by Nng56
There are some similarities regariding the characters Adagaki is the tsundere character (Chitoge) Yoshino is her servant (Tsugumi) Neko is the "rival" that appears out of nowhere (Marika) In addition to this, the MCs have stories related the past: Adagaki and Masamune were friends 8 years ago, but she doesn't remember him, Neko and Masamune knew each other, but he doesn't remember. Does this ring a bell? Yes, the keys and the promise from 10 years ago in Nisekoi. Also the setting is similar (but there are no gang/yakuza wars) and the shows share the comedy tag.
report Recommended by AhmedFisherman
The storylines for both anime are very similar. We have the main female lead, who's a tsundere and a male lead who isn't really in love with the female lead at first (in Nisekoi, Raku and Chitoge are in a fake relationship and in MKNR Makabe is trying to seduce Aki, while not having actual feelings for her). We also have the girl that comes out of nowhere and is in love with the male lead (Marika and Neko). Both anime are the Harem and romance type. There are a lot of similar situations played in both anime, too (I won't tell which, though, cause ykno, spoilers). Also,   read more
report Recommended by ReeDani
Fake relationship. I don't know why, but I love them. As they learn more about each other, we feel the slow change in their feelings that made me want them to end up together. These animes are all about our feelings for the main characters.
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Romance is greater in Nisekoi. Nisekoi has some comedy parts and its got similar characters
report Recommended by KacGames
Very similar events in the movie the way girls are introduced if you have seen either you will be able to make a connection between the two
report Recommended by Eldoodaks