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Kill la Kill
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Both shows are filled with relentless action and a lot of comedy moments. The fights are over the top and flashy as possible. Also fights defies any logic or physics laws. The common part of both show is a cast of colorful and meaningful characters. The biggest difference, however, is the amount of fanservice. KLK is full of it, while OPM has it really low.
report Recommended by tearofmankind
Both have a cast of colorful characters. The main characters do what they want, whenever they want. Both feature high octane and exciting action, with moves that basically cause explosions every time they make contact. Both have sidekicks, who they originally didnt want, but learned to love. Enemies also have a tendency to have interesting back stories, but really long monologues as well
report Recommended by AwesomeDudex3
Both animes are an harmony of huge epicness and fun, Kill la Kill also have a particular graphic style but you'll found it awesome later, Kill la Kill and One Punch man are two animes that i didn't expected to be that epic seriously Kill la Kill is probably the most epic anime i've ever seen. Both animes also have an awesome OST, so if you liked One Punch Man absolutely try Kill la Kill, you wont regret it !
report Recommended by Hyurikama
Both are absolutely hilarious, are about heroes vs villians, have a wide cast of interesting characters, a system of levels that heroes are divided into based on power (KLK: goku uniforms. OPM: the ranking of heroes by classes) and an engaging storyline. If you liked one, you will DEFINITELY like the other. (KLK has more fanservice but other than that these two are REALLY similar)
report Recommended by Sunakawa
Large action scenes, great art and sound, with peppering of hilarious characters
report Recommended by Chappie7815
One Punch Man and Kill la Kill are both satirical anime which lampoon common anime tropes to great comedic effect. In One Punch Man, the writers play off of the classic "normal guy becomes a superhero and saves the world" trope by creating a character that's just a hero as a hobby, and is so overwhelmingly powerful that even battles with super-villains become boring (at least to him). In Kill la Kill, we see a play on the "mysterious transfer student shakes up the high-school" trope by making the main character a strong and competent Female, and through the writers using their viewers' fanservice expectations   read more
report Recommended by TacitCandor
both are really funny, and both have great action and characters
report Recommended by Zorbah
simple good fighting, kill la kill has more fan service but all in all best starter anime that get you going. nothing overly special about it... very original and very good but nothing special.
report Recommended by Darkshade55
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