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Both anime's are based off already existing products and have been improved from the original stories.

Snow White with the red hair takes place in the same sort of time period as Romeo X Juliet and has a commoner falling in love with a prince/noble.

At first the main heroine being Shirayuki/Juliet is in hiding and in both cases get found by the main character which progresses their romances from their.

Both series have side characters that support the main characters through their struggles to keep their relationship together, in which both animes share a similar theme where the main characters   read more
report Recommended by DarknessReality
Romeo x Juliet is very similar to Akakgami no Shirayuki- hime since both male characters are princes and female characters both fall in love with someone they shouldn't have, Shirayuki and Juliet are very similar since they are brave, strong(mentally) and honest they will love Romeo/Ren no matter what anyone says.

Ren and Romeo are similar as well, they both love the person and do not care what there father/brother says or does.

Plus the female characters both run away from something or someone.Both animes are epic and interesting and great to watch!
report Recommended by frostedmelodies
A fascinating love story with unforgettable characters
report Recommended by ByronLove98