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Kotonoha no Niwa
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Both are set around the premise of rain and the bonds and romances created from it, while they may be very different through the story, the overall theme of both is centred around the same ideology. Both animations and art styles are gorgeous as well. I believe both are a must watch.
report Recommended by JCPrp
Bonds made through the rain. Garden of Words and Weathering With You features stories based on rain and two who spend their times in it. Garden of Words uses rain in a positive way to show Takao's and Yukari's tender conversations whilst it is raining, getting to know one another. Weathering With You uses rain to bring connection between Hodaka and Hina, and their time helping others remove the rain. Both are good romance with an exceptional amount of eye candy, made by the same director Makoto Shinkai.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Having the same ambiance that sets in a rainy atmosphere, as it deals with the premise of a high school teenage boy developing romantic attraction and relationship towards a person older than them. There is not a crazy thing to see here, but it is a great experience to watch nonetheless, for both feel unique in their own way.
report Recommended by Solaris-----
both from Makoto Shinkai both have the same atmosphere both have great graphics
report Recommended by HaidenR
Similarities: Both movies are directed by the great Makoto Shinkai Stunning art style Same atmosphere Good graphics
report Recommended by Yuukinaa
Both films are under conditions of weather. In weathering with you 'Taki Tachibana' calls 'Amino Hina' to make the sunrise after rain for the people while in "The Garden of words" describe the feel of rain when two love birds meet. Both films denoting the look, feel and theme of rain.
report Recommended by shanaku672
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