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Our main characters from both series were living a normal life until a fateful encounter changes their lives forever. Haruto Tokishima must pilot a mecha called Valvrave to save his friends. Aoba Watase must pilot a mecha to save a distant future. Both characters will meet their polar opposite counterparts—L-Elf from Valvrave and Dio from Buddy Complex. I will even add that Saki and Hina are very similar yet different. Both series share the same company (Sunrise) and character design. They even share the same personality to some extent. If you miss Valvrave and need another series to fill the void, I recommend Buddy Complex.
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Same studio (Sunrise) Both feature two nations with high spec mech embroiled in a war against each other with one side featuring top secret military designs.
report Recommended by Netwizard2003
Gives a very similar feel when watching. Both anime have two seasons(or will have) and is of the meccha theme. Both anime is equipped with two male protagonist with some possible fan service for girls (depends on your interpretation). Both would like to express large themes and fails. Character design is also very similar, with a hot blooded male protagonist 1 and a silent/intelligent soldier male protagonist 2
report Recommended by kunagisa
Tokishima Haruto = Watase Aoba L Elf = Dio Same Studio Similar Mecha Both have 2 main nations at war Both have main protagonist pulled out of school life and put in war
report Recommended by IveQuitAnime
At all,this works are very similar,because have a plot with battle mechas and full of mistery around the main characters; the trace lines are it's almost the same,and the reason is because the both have the same studio, Sunrise,but a like more Valvrave as came before and i think it's a better worth worked; the principal characters are so close to be indenticals, Dio is resembling L-Elf,as Aoba like Haruto; the sound tracks are so near to be identicals too;The only diference is the central theme,since Valvrave is turn around about aliens and Buddy Complex is about a travel in the time through;In the end,   read more
report Recommended by Montinihabato13
#1 Both are mecha, action & space genred anime. #2 Both have extremely similar male main characters, both appearance and backgrounds. #3 Both have a female main character with similar appearance. #4 Both have resembling uniforms. #5 Both series share the same producer Sunrise. #6 Both share a similar character design. #7 Both have a sequel and summary.
report Recommended by Diem-X