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Nagi no Asu kara
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Nagi no Asu kara
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Tenki no Ko
Both are beautiful supernatural stories that focus heavily on nature and it's preservation and balance. Something is thrown out of whack in both cases, but to avoid spoilers, I will just say that the stories change quite a bit because of this. They both have excellent music and directing, and have some of the most gorgeous shots I've ever seen in anime. I would say Nagi no Asu kara is much more relaxing and cozy, though Tenki no Ko certainly has it's calming moments.
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Not gonna spoil anything but you'll know the similarities when you watch it.
report Recommended by FunkyBat97
Very similar in some ways, both have beautiful animation, it's about water, romance and have a bit similar plots. Both are sweet and great visuals.
report Recommended by Minoo_
Both of these are very emotional and romance forcused. They also strongly resemble each other from a story perspective. Those who have watched both of these will know exactly what i mean. I can't go into detail of exactly what for spoiler reasons. But i think it's safe to say that if you watched and enjoyed one of these two, then i'm sure you're going to like the other. I personally couldn't take my mind away from Nagi no Asu kara while watching Tenki no Ko just due to how similar they are. The two of these also feature soundtracks which i think they did   read more
report Recommended by SomeNewGuy
Both beautiful and good animation. Deals with the weather and the girl-boy romance. It has school and has that sacrifice aspect in it.
report Recommended by lemonari_
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