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Nagi no Asu kara
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Nagi no Asu kara
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Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara
Both are stories about relationships and human connections with fantasy elements. Themes of change and time are strongly present in both. Both have very strong emotional impacts. Excellent music throughout, though Nagi no Asukara is certainly the strongest for this.
report Recommended by Xaeveax
I'm 100% sure that if you enjoyed one, you'll enjoy the other! - The art is just as perfect in both of them, obviously - Both plots focus on High School life, friendship and romance - Both anime seem like funny and relaxing slice of life shows, but they are actually full of deep meanings and convey beautiful messages
report Recommended by gabrily
Firstly, both animes have the same animation studio. Also, they both have romance elements and character personalities of both animes have some kind of similarities.
report Recommended by mishikiari_
- P.A. works original - similar staff - Yanagi Nagi ED song - wide, vibrant, and beautiful art and color palette - beautiful soundtrack (so far) - school, fantasy setting - world-building will likely be as good as Nagi, if not better. It definitely has more potential than Nagi's, given that time travel is involved. - (most likely) will also turn into a drama and romance - main character in Irozoku has parallels with Tsumugu; she is essentially a female version of him - The female main character will likely undergo lots of character development throughout the series, similar to Hikari in Nagi no Asukara
report Recommended by Wirea
- Both have tons of romance - Both have stunning animation! - Both have a deep feeling to the anime - Both have awesome music!
report Recommended by Tringapore_98
Similar artistic approach using both 2D and 3D assets and then blends them to become a whole new definition of astonishing. I find every scene from both series is splendid, creative, and are mesmerizing to the eyes, and I can guarantee that one would not find either boring in any way. Other than that, the similarities emphasize the premise and character dynamics as well, since it is about a group of friends discovering love from one another while trying to comprehend the fantastical aspects that revolve around it. With all that said, I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys romantic ideas mixed with fantasy   read more
report Recommended by Solaris-----
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