Amnesia, Dance with Devils Recommendations

If you liked
Dance with Devils
...then you might like
Dance with Devils
Both are based on a game
both have inverse harem and fanservice
both have superpowers
both have a silly girl playing the roll of main character
both have chapters devoted to each character to see the romantic scenes with her of each one
report Recommended by Parantica
- strange things start to happen with the main character
- 4 boys in the story that have a connection with her
- there's a 5th boy who's like a "joker" in the story (well, in Amnesia he's the ACTUAL joker though)
- Dance with Devils opening also have some elements that reminded me of Amnesia, like the moments with the characters and the very final moments, which lead me to think both series will have similar endings
report Recommended by ren6
They are both great harems with a female protagonist with actual feelings and describe their stories quite well and the plot is good (for once) they both also have interesting adventures and suitable for those who love reverse harem and for those who want to start...­čśâ ownside they could work on the charectrisation for the others in the series
report Recommended by Lauren_Aida
they're both reverse harems
report Recommended by cerisetat
- Both are reverse harems with romance that have an element of mystery

- The main female protagonists have similar personalities

- Ritsuka and Heroine are both utterly confused about the scenarios around them
report Recommended by smmshelby