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Kamisama Hajimemashita
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-Supernatural Romance -Homeless Girl -Both Have Very Fun and Interesting Stories!
report Recommended by Citrus_Fruit
Both are shoujo romance anime, that focus on mythology relating to gods and spirits. Kamisama Kiss focuses more on comedy than the drama and romance in Fruit's basket, but it is an anime with a similar atmosphere to Fruit's basket when it is lighthearted.
report Recommended by Vihreaa
both anime series have the similar story of a girl who was kicked out of their own home and went to live somewhere with a lot of handsome people who can turn into cute animals, and she ends up getting involved with their lives somehow :)
report Recommended by sepid_96
Both are shoujou romance series, with similar main characters. Both contain characters that turn into animals. The aesthetic/feel of the show is pretty similar too, although the setting of Kamisama Hajimemashita doesn't have the school setting, slightly more fantasy elements, and is a bit less modern feeling.
report Recommended by IzzyWizzy003
They both begin with a homeless girl who has nowhere to go but by some miracle, they land themselves in a new home followed by meeting supernatural creatures. You learn to have a deep understanding of the feelings the main character portrays, as they fall in love with a person who is considered 'not normal'
report Recommended by Nazunaaa
These animes are very similar! -- Both animes have a female MC who lost her home & mother. -- Both have a strong male lead protecting female MC -- Both animes have characters that turn into animals.
report Recommended by kyulix
Both good romance anime with comedy and fantasy elements, I honesty love them both so so much. -sweet main character, finds herself living in a place with characters who have some mystery and supernatural elements, comedy and romance ensues. Also both have to guys who argue to comedic affect, and the girl is the one who holds things together and helps both their hearts. - main difference is Kamisama Hajimemashita focuses on gods and shrines, with the main character newly obtaining the powers of a land god. That and Nanami is a little more stubborn than Tohru (Tooru?) is, normally to comedic effect. Both have   read more
report Recommended by Aimee27
Both anime have a very similar atmosphere. They are both very lighthearted. Both series also feature the supernatural and involves a high school girl who becomes homeless because of family situations. They are both a shoujo series and follow a slice-of-life feel to it.
report Recommended by jessslyyyyy
Both have teenage homeless girls down on their luck who are "whisked" away to a better place w some attractive guys. Both have supernatural elements.
report Recommended by momotarotea
The series has the same type of light and dark type of story.
report Recommended by TwilightRivers
I watched Kamisama Hajimemashita first and when I started watching Fruits Basket it reminded me a lot of KH. I bet KH was inspired by Fruits Basket. Kamisama Hajimemashita is also a super cute story minus the love triangle so that's a plus imo
report Recommended by Kreikka95
both Honda Tohru and Nanami are very kind girls who are loved by everyone, share smiles and get happiness from helping others.
report Recommended by akmalmatakun
Both have that Shoujo with the main character who's in another's house filled with love interests, comedy, drama, romance and more.
report Recommended by rockleefunnytoe
Just your sweet and strong willed main protagonist moving into the other main character's house. Both share an individually written story with a few magical/ supernatural aspects in it.
report Recommended by julirby
They both have a similar atmosphere, with the first lead being slightly similar. If kamisama is associated with god, the fruit basket is associated with shio/zodiac. Both anime feature a broken female protagonist against a tragic background who meets and falls in love with a boy who is not allowed to fall in love with humans.
report Recommended by kithenyoma
- People that could turn into animals - One girl, two boys, who will be her husband - God is a female around teenage age - People testing the lead star - "Where is the rest of her family?" - Main lead living with boys
report Recommended by abeckford
Both involves spirits that able to change forms. Tsundere male lead and sweet female lead surrounded by beautiful people. Happy ending.
report Recommended by Olivia_D
Both of these Anime include the following -A female main character, who ends up getting roped into something totally different from her normal everday life. -Both are Shojo's -Both of the Main Character's, main love interests have the same type of tsundere personality -Both of the main characters are highschoolers -Both of the Main characters are in Love triangles -Both include Fantasy aspects, like Gods, and the Zodiac Spirits - Both include People who can turn into animals
report Recommended by LynnMarie7686
They are both about Japanese culture (Yokais, demons, ...). The main character falls in love with one of them.
report Recommended by R3p_ca
As both of these anime has the same genres is Shoujo but the reason why "Fruits Basket" and "Kamisama Hajimemashita" make the same thing is not only that but its content. Both anime described the Male Character past story. Both anime has the main character gender is female. Tooru (Fruits Basket) is a cheerful and optimistic girl who always think about other people as the same as Nanami (Kami Hachi) I guess the only difference between "Fruits Basket" and "Kami Hachi" is the romantic part. "Fruits basket" is kinda slow comparing to "Kami Hachi". Also, "Fruits Basket" actually doing very well when describing Tooru past.
report Recommended by Rxmgdz
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