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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji and Sukitte Ii na yo are similar in many ways: I. ) The main male character is manipulative against the main female character. II. ) The main female character falls for the male's manipulation. III. ) The main male character is loved by all the girls in the area because of his looks. IV. ) There are many ups and downs in the relationship but somehow manage. That about sums up both animes' plots. I told it indirectly so it doesn't ruin it for you. But both anime are awesome either way. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
report Recommended by HeyHarp
The main character is an unpopular girl that loves the hottest guy in school. Though his character is sadistic and treats the girl like a dog as a reward for posing as her boyfriend they soon fall in love with each other. This anime is the first one that came in my mind when i saw Sukitte li na yo and i highly recommend you watch it.
report Recommended by gogosma
The romance in both of these anime is extremely cute yet slightly cringe worthy at times. If you're not a fan of secondhand embarrassment these shows probably aren't for you. Ookami shoujo to kuro ouji is my favorite shoujo/romance of all time. I felt that the premise was unique even within the romance genre and the endings were satisfying and well executed (although I'm still hoping for a season 2 for both shows).
report Recommended by animeincamelot
Both of the series have one of the lead characters chasing for the love of the other in "Say I love you" it is Yamato who wants Mei to admit that she loves but she is too embarrassed to say it, "Wolf girl and black prince" it is the exact opposite it is Erika that wants to hear the 3 magic words from Kyouya who is shy to say them. Both stories end with the shy leads finally admitting that they are in loves with their significant others (however it happens earlier in "Wolf girl" than in "Say I love You")
report Recommended by SammyTK
If you're looking for another awesome romance anime, that will make your heart skip a beat, then this series is the one for you! Although there are some flaws within the anime, I still enjoyed this series. If you're just a casual anime fan, than more the reason you need to watch this anime, right now!
report Recommended by AnimeSlayer66
School Romance Difference: Heroine is shy
report Recommended by vyellaella28