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Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki
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Bakemono no Ko
Both anime films directed by Mamoru Hosoda deal with a world based on our world with some supernatural beast-like elements. The biggest similarity is both are movies that deal with parenthood and children growing up and coming into their own. Wolf Children is more about a mother and her two kids while Boy and the Beast is about a son and his father. Both are solid movie experiences and are donely fairly well. I think parents are more likely to get a kick out of them but I can see many enjoying their stories.
report Recommended by Dragon
- Both are animal-human stories, but wolf children is a little more dramatic. - Similar satisfatory feeling with the animation / Plot.
report Recommended by dyolo16
Both anime movies are directed by Mamoru Hosada.They have similar art style and animation. Both have beasts and animals that can talk, so interaction between humans and animals/beasts. Great and heartwarming story, very detailed and with lots of action. Definitely will keep you entertained.
report Recommended by Hutai
First of all, both movies are written/directed by the same guy so the art styles are very similar. The Boy and The Beast and Wolf Children are both very similar. They both involve a human having some sort of relationship with a beast. They're both heartwarming and both span over a long period of time. Although, Boy and the Beast has more action in it and, in my opinion, is funnier than Wolf Children in terms of comedy.
report Recommended by NerdyBirdyx
Same production, same animation, same torrent of feelings : both touching as hell . The two stories are really different, but every elements that made Ookami Kodomo a good movie are also in Bakemono no Ko . Be sure you watch it if you liked this movie
report Recommended by Val2612
Difference - Ookami will lead you to see how amazing for someone to become single-mother - Bakemono is like fulfill each other missing pieces and pull out inner strength to do sth
report Recommended by reren