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Hyouka and Sakurasou have very little to compare regarding their cast and their plot. Both are great in production quality and execution. However, their biggest similarity is that both tackle the thematic element of the "genius". Both series question how unfair it is for people to simply be more talented. Certain characters, like Satoshi from Hyouka and Sorata from Sakurasou, become frustrated with their talents compared to geniuses like Houtarou and Mashiro, who seem to accomplish things as if it were second nature to them. Both also show the flipside of the coin and talk about how even geniuses are nowhere near perfect. For example, Mashiro   read more
report Recommended by Light4494
-Both male protagonists have to take care of a peculiarly eccentric girl -Both animes are school life that have a balance of comedy/romance/drama
report Recommended by MagicFlier
It's colorful too and its about a strange girl who's friend with the main character.
report Recommended by nyayaaaaa
Now I could recommend these anime for their similar outward themes such as a boy looking after/ helping a somewhat eccentric girl but that's not really what makes them similar. On a deeper level both anime deal with themes regarding talent and the effect which it can have on friendships and those around you. -In Hyouka the main character has talent that he does not wish to use and is, to some extent, resented as a result of his natural ability - In Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, the main character is an average person surrounded by talent who wants to show his own   read more
report Recommended by birdwithoutaword
Now you might be wondering why I'm recommending a mystery anime from a slice of life anime. Well the reason is despite Hyouka being mystery-driven, it managed to put in a story ─the same kind Sakurasou has which is the feeling of not being good enough at what you do (or what you want to be) because there's somebody whose exponentially better than you (or better than what he/she does). But the twist is this: In Sakurasou, our main protagonist is the one who "looks up". The guy who is basking in these unbelievably talented people surrounding him and the one who feels sorry for himself.   read more
report Recommended by Cludensyo
-Gifted people: Oreki is pretty darn good at solving mysteries and Shiina is talented at manga -Artwork: both are absolutely amazing at it -Struggle of the commoner Slight Difference: -Romance: you won't get the same romantic feeling in Hyouka as in Sakurasou
report Recommended by highpriest2500
While their stories differ quite a bit, Hyouka goes into the idea of someone being talented or special like in Sakura-sou. The main character, Oreki, is adamant that he is not special, while others disagree, saying he is gifted with problem solving abilities. Hyouka also has a pretty small touch of romance. If you enjoy mystery solving, which is an important part of Hyouka, and what I mentioned above, you should give it a try.
report Recommended by furballphillip