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I'm an addict for series that follow a pair of brothers. For me Ao no Exorcist and FMA fall in the same category. Hot headed older brother, check. Reasonable, level headed younger brother, check. Supernatural elements, check. You could basically exchange the Exorcists for Alchemists, alchemy for magic, and homunculi for demons and have a pretty close to the same type of story. And did I mention the brothers and lots of brotherly love, angst, family bonding moments in both? I've made my point. Though not like anyone whose watched Ao no Exorcist will have not watch FMA. Seriously if you haven't you really shouldn't   read more
report Recommended by harmony_kh_kairi
both shonen, awesome animes, the two of them feature brothers who have certain goals plus the younger brother is a bit more mature than the older brother kinda.
report Recommended by FMA-SUKI
Well this is not obvious but the sensation I had watching ao no exorcist reminds me of Fullmetal alchemist. The story of 2 brothers, one got power and is reclkess, the other one is strong and wiser. they join an organisation that is full of rules and will fight with AND against it. The story really is differents but there is a little something that is alike, don't know why but i'm sure if you liked FMA, you'll definitely like ao no exorcist.
report Recommended by rikuzo
both are shounen both revolve around brothers
report Recommended by 7MOD
both anime have two brothers who are very different, and both fight for a greater goal, and also the main character is really funny but also serious, a lot of times he reminded me of edward. many times i've said alchemists instead of exorcists, and the fight scenes are so awesomly smililar but at the same time different. if you loved fma you will definitely love ao no exorcist, it just has the same kind of feel to it.
report Recommended by midorimacchis
Two brothers with an amazing, inseparable bond.
report Recommended by Reaveri
They main characters are two brothers. Ed is like Rin (hot-headed older brother) and Al is like Yukio (calm younger brother). Both have lots of comedy and feels too. There are many similar characters, eg. Winry and Shiemi, Hohenheim and Fujimoto. Neither of them follow the original manga story but they're still worth a watch (make sure you read the manga too though (there is also another version of FMA).
report Recommended by toblynaruto