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Fullmetal Alchemist
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Fullmetal Alchemist
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Alchemy seems to play a role in a different twist. both shows have addicting characters.
report Recommended by jushin
Similar themes, such as alchemy, and the time era. Though the style it's shown in is quite different, as well as FMA having a main character (as opposed to Baccano), they're still similar in many ways. Both having a wide range of characters, violence, and nicely animated action.
report Recommended by phereia
First of all, both is about alchemy and the idea of finding the philosophers stone. Baccano! ist just as much fun and as thrilling as Full Metal Alchemist.
report Recommended by golem09
Both have alchemy, homunculi, immortals, and violence.
report Recommended by EnforcerAJ
Similar colorful cast of characters and comedic fun FMA has. Also has a very interesting plot and voice overs. Oh? and Did I forget to tell you that Baccano has alchemists too?
report Recommended by CakeFighter
Baccano! is a very intense anime when it comes down to the basic story line as FMA, both are about alchemy and what power can do to human's with greed in their hearts.
report Recommended by Life-Is-A-Joke
They both have alcheme and great fight sceans plus history.
report Recommended by gizmo99
Both shows are about alchemists that want to find out a secret.
report Recommended by robfoster
Both of these series are set around the early 1900's. The practice of alchemy is within them both, however one more so than the other (Fullmetal Alchemist). Also the idealogy of immortality is brought up quite a bit in both. They may not be eerily similar, but they do have a similarity in overall feeling.
report Recommended by MyNameSucks
Both series are set in the same time period and deals with some of the same themes.
report Recommended by AndyPRO
They both involve alchemy and homunculi, and have fighting scenes. Both animes have humor in it, and are set in similar time periods. They share many themes as well, so if you enjoy supernatural things and characters with strong individual personalities, you'll enjoy it!
report Recommended by PandaFreak13