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Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
Quite a similar premise, with both sharing similar supernatural elements, romance, etc. Both are also very well done, especially when considering how a lot of shows fuck this kind of thing up
report Recommended by SlyMarauder
- In both anime the MC deals with the social and psychological problems of the characters. - The execution of superb natural elements is almost the same but there is a difference in the personality of characters. Characters are more cool and fun in Bunny Girl while more sentimental in Kokoro Connect. - The communication between characters is a lot better in Bunny Girl while Kokoro Connect excels in pure comedy part. - Rom-Com parts are in every episode of Bunny Girl while Kokoro Connects also take it towards drama which makes Bunny Girl light and purely fun. - Bunny Girl anime takes the path of causing superb natural   read more
report Recommended by FirePhoenix1000
Romance series with kind of the same atmosphere, with supernatural elements with the same kind of mystery feeling. It also gave me some Haruhi Suzumiya vibes since the main protagonist of Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai? has a bunny girl and there's an episode where a mini endless eights occurs.
report Recommended by xuala1
If you enjoy the plot of Bunny Girl Senpai, you may also enjoy the plot of Kokoro Connect. There are similarities especially in the "Adolescence Syndrome", and the plotline of Kokoro Connect. In addition, the genres are similar, as they both take place at school, and there's romance involved.
report Recommended by DaN1cteD
Teenagers, love story, supernatural but less focused on the supernatural part and more on the drama/relationships. Overall tone is pretty similar, melancholy accompanied by a down to earth sense of comedy and cute girls.
report Recommended by MLPextremelover
Both have supernatural happenings affecting a group of teens, sometimes even in similar ways.
report Recommended by Oranvdk
Both series explores the complexities of romantic relationships, friendships, and adolescence through supernatural phenomena. Whilst the supernatural phenomena are completely different and the plot differs, the concept is strikingly similar. Both main characters develop their relationships with those around them as a consequence of trying to solve the supernatural phenomena. A very strong recommendation for Kokoro Connect fans out there.
report Recommended by Izuka-kun
Group of fiends have semi-magical experiences in a highschool romance setting.
report Recommended by Syrehn
questioning concepts like identity and interaction with society like the last episodes of kokoro connect with Inoe
report Recommended by Ter0zak
Both are high school anime focusing on a main character who has the desire to help those around him, especially his closest friends. For every arc is a new supernatural event that occurs due to a problem that one or more of the characters is experiencing, yet has been hiding from the others. With this supernatural event the character or characters involved cannot hide themselves for very long, otherwise they'd suffer very terrible consequences that could harm not only themselves but those around him/her.
report Recommended by Kyuberu
Both deal with students experiencing supernatural events, affecting one or more at a time. Elements of romance and coming of age thrown in the mix as well as good written jokes/comedic relief that doesn't feel forced or out of place, especially in Bunny Girl Senpai
report Recommended by Filthy_Doves
Both shows revolve around a group of teenagers experiencing supernatural events that inconvenience them and result in drama between them.
report Recommended by mikeoa13
Both revolve around a group of highschoolers experiencing unnatural events, which only they are aware of, disrupting their everyday-life, leading them to face their fears, troubles, and trying to resolve their issues.
report Recommended by xyj8691