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Similarities: -high school setting -high school club -supernatural elements -'powers' -a tad of mystery Both series include a group of high school students that join a club. In Kokoro Connect, this is a club that friends are in together. In Charlotte, the 'club' is the student council. In Charlotte, however, the abilities are all different and are used on a voluntary basis. In Kokoro Connect, the abilities the club receives are not voluntary. If you like high school 'drama' and supernatural elements such as powers and abilities, Charlotte may interest you just as much as Kokoro Connect did!
report Recommended by DizzyBunnies
- Both are school life animes . - Both have a super power with a natural orinary life - Both have the same type of main character
report Recommended by hegazi
Both have highschool characters with powers and is about team-work
report Recommended by mina24
Both have characters living a fraction of their lives with supernatural abilities as well as a perfect balance of comedy and the plot itself
report Recommended by Sylvettia
They're surrounded by supernatural things. Both of them are bunch of high schoolers and their power basically were given to make everything better. They are funny and cute plus their ending were so unpredictable. If you like supernatural love comedy, you should watch them. I prefer Kokoro Connect btw.
report Recommended by megumi211
Kokoro Connect is centered around a group of teenagers and their relationships that are manipulated by random supernatural events, but the characters of Charlotte are in the driver's seat of their abilities. A diverse set of characters with powerful (and sometimes comical) abilities makes Charlotte a great watch for those who enjoyed Kokoro Connect and its subtle supernatural, high school mystery style.
report Recommended by amykyst
Taking school plot settings Have supeanatural spice Both have exchange body.
report Recommended by Williem
Both are shows have supernatural/mystery elements. Both shows feature a group of teenagers in a high school setting who possess super/supernatural powers and abilities. The main difference between the two shows is in Kokoro Connect, the characters seemingly have no control over their abilities while the characters in Charlotte somewhat have control over their powers. Both shows have a similar feeling and give you a similar experience and both rely heavily on the drama and emotional aspects.
report Recommended by fyuuki_