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Kuroko no Basket and Days have similar MCs
-love the sport
-want to be better
-start off bad
-train to improve

They are both centered around team sports, one is about basketball while the other is about soccer. Teamwork is important and the teams are strong in both animes. While the MCs in Kuroko no Basket had a different and specific goal, the two shows are very similar to each other in their essence and atmosphere. They are both sports anime with comedy, maybe more so in Kuroko no Basket.
report Recommended by mochixchan
Honestly there's too much sports anime that are really similar, like seriously... But I can't complain though... I like it...
Days and Kuroko No Basket is an example. Take a look:

- Kuroko and Tsukamoto's role are very similar: They play a supportive role in a match, yet they are the main characters. Also, they have a girl who likes the-- I mean, they are close to the what I call "Light" of the team. (Kagami and Kazama)

- They both have humor, but there's not too much unlike other shows, they still concentrate on the matches when it's necessary. (Common for sports   read more
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