Kuroko no Basket, Yowamushi Pedal Recommendations

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Both have wimpy main characters that have hidden talents. Both have characters that start out weak compared to the other characters, but eventually grow in terms of strength and skill as the story goes on. Both main characters have some sort of side kick who is physically brawny and skilled in their respective sport. The deurotagonist is hot blooded, and determined to become the best in the sport.
report Recommended by Allice84
Even though one anime is about bicycling and the other one about basketball it does have some similarities. • In both series: - Main character seems weak at first. - Some of the first years are strong and there are some admirable senpai's. - There are other teams which stories are also shown in the anime. The teams already know each other and have competed before, they also come to research each other before the game/race.
report Recommended by nyarthotep
Yowapeda and KnB both are sport anime that will make your heart race and Yowapeda will make you laugh.
report Recommended by hinarin
Both are sports related animes and have excellent character development :P
report Recommended by ZChucky
Why chose between battle shounen and sport when you can have both? Lazer vision, speeding blur effects, OP power-ups, shouting out attack names, and a very generous dose of nakama power. Kuroko no Basket has slightly higher production value, but Yowamushi Pedal makes up for what it lacks with truly outrageous/outstanding attack sequences. There is drama, there is laughter, and there is plenty of intense sweaty stare-downs accentuated by zoom effects.
report Recommended by Lemon
these two are the best if you love sports. the characters in these shows take it to the extreme and play their respective sports as extremely and as entertaining as possible.
report Recommended by symbiotic
Both have mc's that at first seem weak and are unlikely star athletes, but come into their own and win against all odds. Both characters are the heart of the team, pushing their strong teammates forward with spirit, willpower, and love of their sport. Both shows have delicious rivalries and side characters/opponents that you come to care about as much as the mc's. The athletes in both have dramatic, extremely specialized skills that seem almost like superpowers at times. The characters also have fun little quirks that make both shows comedic and endearing, not just about the sport.
report Recommended by singmuse4