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High School DxD
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-Both anime involve monster/demon girls -Both anime show lots of boobies (OPPAI!) -Both main male characters don't know which girl they want to stay with In both anime, main male characters are seduced by monster/demon girls, in a very similar way (OPPAI!). In High School DxD saga we watch Issei Hyoudou's POV while in Monser Musume, Kimihito's role (main male character) seems to be secondary, although we know it is his POV. Maybe later we can see his very own personality...
report Recommended by LeonardoDioCapra
No one saw this one coming. No wait, a couple of you did. These two are similar as they: -are both at extreme high levels of Ecchi -both have similar genres (Ecchi, harem, romance) -I find both have similar plots... -Both animations are spot on. Like I said, if you liked one of them, you will definitely like the other
report Recommended by NiceKyubey
How about a harem of non-humans? Whether they are demons or mythological creatures, you'll be served.
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Ecchi shows where the main character is surrounded with female fan service cast. Both have perverted comedy.
report Recommended by FinNote
High School DxD and Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou are harem with ecchi content. Characteristic for them is amount of naked boobs. (*w*)
report Recommended by DustKing
The epitome of ecchi anime. Any cultured man who has seen either one of these anime would enjoy the other as well.
report Recommended by Wlash
If you're a fan of echii, harems, fanservice, strange plots and surprisingly decent characters and combat sequences, then you will probably like High School DxD and its sequel series. The story knows when to take itself seriously and when to throw it all out of the window for some comedy and oppai. Fights get your blood pumping and the story isn't actually too bad if you stick with it and don't take the nudity too seriously.
report Recommended by BlaggersMode
The shows are both the same in many aspects. They are both full of fan service but monster musume does have less. They are both the same style harem anime where loads of girls wan to date the one guy each with varying personalities. I personally prefer musume as the characters have more variation in thier personalities. Overall, if yor a fan of Dxd give monster musume a go!
report Recommended by DylanPalmer
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